Always evaluating and buying gold, silver, costume and antique jewelry
Intrinsic value found where appropriate

Do you have any of these items for evaluation?
-Wedding sets, class rings, Men’s fashion or organizational rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants…
-Antique/Vintage styles including filigree mountings, rose-cut diamond pieces, any antique gold-filled items, lockets, charms, mourning pieces…
-Custom pieces of all descriptions
-Sterling silver jewelry ranging from antique, Southwest turquoise-style and the like, Foreign artisans, modern designer pieces…
-Costume or “Cosmetic” jewelry of all descriptions including Weiss, Eisenber, Hobé…
-Diamonds and Gemstones of all descriptions…
We are always buying scraps gold such as dental, broken or mismatched pieces, gold-filled or plate items or otherwise unsaleable items


Many, many people, at some point in their lives, have been handed a shoebox (or more) of coins from a relative and are left with little to know information of value. Whether we purchase an entire collection, a single coin or simply evaluate what is presented, you can be sure to come away with a better understanding of coins.

– Silver Dollars 1935 and older
– Half Dollars, Quarters and Dimes 1964 and older
– Kennedy Half Dollars 1965 – 1970
– Pennies – Lincoln Wheat, Indian Head, Flying Eagle, Large Cent
– Nickels – Jefferson War Nickels, Buffalo, V Liberty, Shield
– Type Coins – Barber, Seated Liberty, Capped Bust, Flowing Hair, Half Cent, 2 Cent, silver/nickel 3 Cent, Half Dime
– Any and all Gold Coins
– Foreign Coins – Silver, gold, clad…Mint and Proof Sets,
– Franklin Mint coins, Commemorative coins/sets, Medallions, Tokens, etc…
– Gold or Silver Bullion
Paying more for BU Rolls, Slabbed/Graded Coins, Better-dated coins, High grade coins


Any and all Wrist or Pocket watches, working or not, Modern or Vintage, pieces and parts. We have a use for it all.
– Men’s or Ladies wristwatches from Rolex to Seiko and everything in between.
– Pocket watches of all descriptions
– Paying more for vintage Men’s wristwatches, working or not.
– Buying cases, parts, movements, dials, etc…


-Silver certificates, Gold Certificates...
-US and Legal Tender notes, Federal Reserve notes…
-All Large size or Horse Blanket notes…
-WWII Emergency notes, Military Payment certificates…
-National Currency…
-$500 and $1000 notes…
-Obsolete Currency…
-Foreign Currency…
-Star notes, Radar notes, Misprints, other oddities…

Antiques & Collectibles

We handle a wide array of antiques and vintage items. Whether for sale or to gain a current market value, call or stop in to get these items evaluated.

-Military – WWII and older items including trench knives, bayonets, helmets, uniforms, medals, patches, trench art, equipment
-Vintage Toys – Typically 1960s and older, Cast iron, tin, litho, wind up, friction, rubber, Tonka, Marx, Arcade
-Sterling flatware and other items, foreign sterling items
-Rail Road Items – Lanterns, watches, clothing, advertising, locks/keys
-Vintage Cameras – 35mm film and older, Leica, Hasselblad, Rolleiflex
-Beer Collectibles – Backlit signs, neon, tin, porcelain. Cone-top cans. Stop-motion Hamm's
-Musical Instruments - Guitars, Bass, Banjos, Saxophones, Clarinets, Trumpets
-Fountain Pens – Montblanc, Waterman, Parker
-Train Sets – Lionel, American Flyer
-Famous autographs – Actors, Astronauts, Athletes, Political Figures
-Vintage lunch boxes
-10c Comic Books
-RPPC or other Postcards
-Banks – Cast iron, tin, mechanical
-Marbles – hand-made glass, larger shooters, Benningtons, sulphides
-1960s and older Coca Cola items – Signage, machines, smaller items
-1960s and older Sports trading cards
-Antique Fishing Lures
-Stamp Collections
-Political items
-Pocket Knives